Customer: DMN Technology Ltd.
Project name: Ziel Datei and Haushalt Generators
Abbreviation: ZDG-HHGEN
Start Date: 1997
End Date: 1999
Tools and Platforms for Design and Development
  • MS Widows 95/NT 4.0
  • Borland Delphi 3
  • Delphi Object Pascal
  • Borland Database Engine SQL Interface
  • Borland INTERBASE Server
  • Borland PARADOX
  • ORACLE 7 Server
  • InstallSchield
  • ErWin

Both ZDG and HHGEN projects were developed for the Statistics Department of German Communities and were successfully used in a number of them.ZDG Project: the project served for realization of a large range of statistic algorithms used for processing of information in the German communities.The project had its own flexible program language which served to describe the input and output data as well as various rules for generation at a low and high level. There were lexical and syntactic analysers which did a full analysis of the input program and generated its internal presentation. Further on, separate modules generated SQL commands and executed them using the Borland Database Engine (BDE) SQL interface. The input and output data could be stored in database tables managed by any database server towards which SQL queries could be sent using the SQL-92 standard. For example, such are ORACLE, INFORMIX, Borland Interbase, etc. The access to the server could be carried out through BDE Native Drivers as well as through ODBC.The system also worked with data stored in text files with various formats including file formats defined by the user.The work with the product was carried out through Windows interface, which gave a detailed information about the progress of the analysis and the generation, the results achieved and possible errors.An important characteristic of the product was that it was multilingual. By change of a configuration parameter all labels and messages in the forms appeared in a different language. Along with the product a tool for easy editing of the labels and messages and their translations into other languages has been developed. (The English and German were the standard languages). The design and coding of the product were based on object oriented approach using the rich possibilities of Delphi Object Pascal.

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