ABOUT US / Company profile

Bioteam Software has accumualated a big experience in carrying out of all phases of the software development process: from analysis of customer requirements, trough system design, implementation, QA, tests, deploiment, users training, distribution, to the hotline support, on-line and remote support.

We have got an experience in carrying out complete projects in their whole life cycle but in the same time we are flexible enough to participate successfully in separate project phases by a customer request.

Bioteam Software staff is experienced to work onsite (at customer site) as well offshore (at our site) depending of the project requirements under our own management or customer's project management.

Being involved in a number of different customer projects we follow in our work a principle to keep strictly the customers confidentiality and trade secrets.

We are experienced in the following production areas:

  • Process automation systems - real-time control, monitoring, process statistics, archiving, on-line and off-line presentation, machine control.
  • Office automation systems - accounting, human resources, material handling, production planning, stores management
  • Large scale distributed information systems based on Oracle
  • Internet/Intranet applications and Web design and development
  • Consultaion, training, support (hotline, remote, onsite)
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