ABOUT US / Brief history

Bioteam was established in 1992 as a small company dealing in assembling and maintenance of computer hardware and development of software.

From the very beginning the company attracted highly qualified specialists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences who now form the kernel of the company.

As time passed by, the development of software became the basic activity of the company and the number of the employees increased several times. This process sped up when the company managed to sign its first contracts with West European companies.

In the beginning the revenues from hardware sales considerably exceeded those from software sales. From 1994 on, software development becomes the basic activity of the company. At present the hardware department has mainly a supporting function.

In 1997 some changes occurred in the development of the company. Following world tendencies, Bioteam started dealing in Internet technologies. The providing of Internet services and development of Internet solutions grew considerably. This led to the establishment of a separate company. Thus during the same year two new companies were established: Bioteam Software, dealing entirely in the development of software, and Spectrum Net, dealing in Internet services.

Bioteam Software Ltd. is a member of the Oracle Partner Network since 1997.

Since 1999 Bioteam Software is certified to EN ISO 9001 standard by "DaimlerChrysler Aerospace Daza-Zert" certification organisation.

In the year 2001 Bioteam Software moves to its own building located in a good place between the Sofia city Centrum, the airport and Vitosha mountain.


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