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Siemens AG L&A

Siemens Logistics and Assembly Systems is the leading name in material handling automation, postal automation and electronics assembly systems.

After former Siemens Production and Logistics Systems AG and Mannesmann Dematic AG came together, Siemens also comprise a complete spectrum of key systems and products: for hardware as well as for software and IT.

DMN Technology Ltd.

DMN Technology Ltd. is a Bulgarian-German consulting company working for Bulgarian, German and American customers. The consultancy in software development is its major activity.

RWT Informationssysteme für die Produktion

RWT Informationssysteme fur die Produktion is a company developing software for management of industrial enterprises.

Peter Gotz, Hard- and Software

Peter Gotz, Hard- and Software is a German trade and consulting company dealing in the field of software and hardware.

Kelman Gesellschaft fur Geninformation mbH

Kelman GmbH is a privately-financed company based in Berlin, Germany. Its main activity is to elucidate the genetically-determined functional relationships between proteins, and to market the resulting applications to medicine, the pharmaceutical industry, agriculture and biotechnology.

Europrojekt GmbH

The Bulgarian Ministry of Industry
(currently The Ministry of Economy)


The Ministry of Economy was established with the merger of the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Trade and Tourism in December 1999 by Decision of the National Assembly.

The Ministry of Economy develops the objectives and priorities of the state strategy and implements the state policy in the field of industry, trade, tourism, privatization and state interest management in these fields. It participates in the implementation of the integration policy and the foreign economic cooperation.

It is organised into specialised and general Directorates and an Inspectorate, which support the Minister of Economy in performing his duties, provide technical assistance to his activity and administrative servicing to legal persons and citizens.

The Bulgarian National Securities Commission

The Bulgarian National Securities Commission control the regulated securities markets, the investment intermediaries, the investment companies and the management companies, as well as the public companies and the issuers in the cases provided for in this law and in its implementing instruments, as to the lawful and correct carrying on of their business in accordance with the public interest, including through conducting inspections; issue and withdraw the licenses envisaged by this law; give the confirmations and approvals envisaged by this law and more...

Net Info BG

Net Info is one of the leading informational and entertaining on-line companies in Bulgaria with plenty of e-systems as portals, search engine, e-shop and others.

M&BM Ltd.

M&BM - Supplies and printing supplies for a variety of office printers, office equipment, high-quality special papers.

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