Customer: The Bulgarian Ministry of Industry
Project name: Automated Control System "Industry"
for the Bulgarian Ministry of Industry
Abbreviation: ISMI
Start Date: 1997
End Date: 1999
Tools and Platforms for Design and Development
  • HP-UX 10 - Server
  • MS Widows 95/98/NT 4.0 Workstation - Client
  • ORACLE 7 Server
  • Oracle Developer 2000
  • ErWin
  • DataArchitect

The main purpose of ISMI was to support the work of the staff of the Bulgarian Ministry of Industry (MI) responsible for managing and controlling of the production process in a number of factories with special production (applicable in both - civil and military industries). ISMI consisted of two main parts: a central one - working in the Ministry Office and a local one - working in the controlled factories. The system provided the following functionalities:

  • Interactive preparation of production programs variants for the controlled factories and synchronization of their performace
  • Planning of the production resources - human, material, transport, etc.
  • Management of funds
  • Feedback and control of the production process
  • Budget accounting.

The system consisted of separate subsystems, such as:

  • Production planning and accounting
  • Materials Planning and Accounting
  • Power capacities planning and accounting
  • Human resources planning and accountings
  • Budget planning and accounting
  • Economy and Finances
  • Personal and Salaries.

The subsystems included GUI (Form applications) for data loading, system administration and some other operator activities, such as registration of new users, description of new modules, label-editing, etc., a big number of reports. There was implemented a special metalanguage allowing the end user easily to create its own reports, using a complex set of searching criteria and data sources (database tables).A very important requirement to some of the subsystems was that they were to be adaptable, e.g. to operate in frequently changing conditions and external factors. The system includes a number of National wide nomenclatures. To keep them in a consistent way over all government information systems an automatic download of these data from the National Statistic Institute was provided. All GUIs (Form applications) followed a common unified and ergonomic design. Wherever possible, the information was entered by a list of value selection instead from the keyboard. Thus a maximum protection against entering of inconsistent data was guaranteed. An important characteristic of the system was its language independence. By changing of a configuration parameter all labels in the forms and messages came out in different languages. The modular design of the system allowed new system modules (functionalities) to be added relatively easily. Every new module was described in a standardized way in the system interface section. The reporting subsystem followed a modular design as well, which allowed the new created reports by the mentioned above metalanguage to be easily integrated into the already existing set.The system allowed an access of each user to the data sources and data operations to be configured and audited separately.

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