Customer: SIEMENS AG
Project name: Coding Pool Network
Abbreviation: CPN
Start Date: 1995
End Date: 1998
Tools and Platforms for Design and Development
  • QNX
  • Photon real-time GUI
  • Watcom C/C++ optimised compiler for QNX
  • ProMod CASE tool for ULTRIX and MS Windows
  • ProMod
PICS software was used for automation of off-line sorting of letters in the post offices. The aim was to store information about all coded letters in the PICS computer. When the next letter was fed into the sorting machine a signal was transmitted along the network to PICS. It located the ZIP code of the letter and sent the result back to the sorting machine within a very short time. Following the PICS result the sorter was then able to sort the letter. As one PICS served up to 70 sorters, each sending a lot of signals to PICS, to reach the required real-time demands up to 2100 inquiries and answers per second with only one time-out for 50 000 letters allowed) 1 GB RAM was used which stores the whole information. For network communication datagram sockets for real-time critical data, stream sockets and AnsaWare were used. Besides the sorters, PICS exchanged information with a lot of other computers and systems using 3 network Ethernet interfaces and one modem line. PICS was delivered to many customers in the world.

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