Customer: SIEMENS AG
Project name: Cell Controller - Statistics
Abbreviation: CC-Stat
Start Date: 1994
End Date: In progress
Tools and Platforms for Design and Development
  • Sun Microsystems Inc. SunOS 5.4, 5.6
  • OpenVMS V7.1
  • Unix shell, VMS DCL, Perl, TCL
  • ORACLE Server 7.3 (VMS), 8.04 (SunOS)
  • ORACLE Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5, Graphics 2.5
  • C/C++
  • ODBC
  • FTP
  • PortCom (Trademark of Siemens)
  • ProMod
  • ErWin

CC-Stat is a software subsystem responsible for:

  • Collecting of statistical data from different kinds of letter sorting and flat sorting machines in real time.
  • Pre-processing of the collected statistical data following different algorithms.
  • Saving of the statistical data into relational database.
  • Presentation of the statistical data: User Interface, Reports and Graphics in Postscript and ASCII format.
  • Sending of predefined set of aggregated statistical data to the upper level of Information System (messages and files).
  • Compression of the statistical data on different compression levels.
  • Deletion of the expired statistical data.
  • Backup and Archiving of the statistical data.
  • Multilingual support.
CC-Stat contains:
  • 5-10 synchronized kernel tasks (C/C++) performing real-time data processing
  • ~300 database tables and the corresponding relationships/constraints
  • ~200 stored procedures and functions performing on-line and off-line data processing
  • ~60 reports, including graphics
  • 5-7 form applications (GUI).

CC-Stat is a very flexible system which is adapted easily to different customer requirements. So far it has been installed at many different customer sites in the world.

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