Customer: The Bulgarian National Securities Commission
Project name: Information System "Public registers" for the
Bulgarian National Securities Commission
Abbreviation: SRCSSE
Start Date: 1998
End Date: 2000
Tools and Platforms for Design and Development
  • Widows NT 4.0 Enterprise edition - Server
  • Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 Workstation - Client
  • ORACLE 8.0.5 Server Enterprise edition
  • ORACLE WEB Application Server v. 3.0.1
  • ORACLE Designer 2000 v.2.1
  • ORACLE Developer 2000 v.2.1
  • Netscape Communicator v.4.05 and above
  • Internet Explorer v 4.01 and above

The main purpose of SRCSSE is to provide all data processing needed by the Public registers of the Bulgarian National Securities Commission. The following main functionalities are implemented:

  • Data import - manually via GUI and automatically from Excel-files. There is a number of different import data formats supported, including periodically imported statistical data coming from the companies listed by the Commission and data coming from other government institutions (National Statistic Institute, Ministry of Finance, etc.).
  • Data storage and keeping track of all data changes with possibility of consistent roll back of particular data changes.
  • Connection to external information systems.
  • Controlled access to the information according to configurable user access level.
  • Data presentation on two levels - not-public information (Client-Server architecture) and public information (Internet/Intranet architecture). A number of different views of the existing information are available. There are some statistical data processing algorithms implemented as well.
  • Data archiving.

Due to some specific activities of the Commission it is necessary the system to have access to some external databases (National Statistic Institute, Ministry of Finance, etc.). By means of ORACLE SQL* Loader the data provided by these institutions is converted in ORACLE format and is loaded automatically in the ORACLE server.There is a subsystem implemented for controlling of the data changes. The access to the information and the operations with it are registered and audited. This information is generated automatically and is available at any moment. Only authorised users have access to it.A subsystem for data archiving using the standard tools of ORACLE is implemented. The database can be moved to another ORACLE server.An unified GUI giving authorized access to all subsystems is implemented. Through a number of hierarchically organized forms and menus using the pointing device the operator can navigate easily over all functionality the system provide. An on-line help-system is available as well. The Internet related part of the system is implemented, using the Java components supported by Oracle.

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