Customer: SIEMENS AG
Project name: Coding Pool Network
Abbreviation: CPN
Start Date: 1995
End Date: 1998
Tools and Platforms for Design and Development
  • Sun Microsystems Inc. SunOS 5.4
  • Sun C compiler
  • Standard UNIX Programming Tools
  • SparcWorks
  • ProMod

The system was destined for compleate post automation in one country. It consisted of several hubs located in the major cities. Each hub comprised different types of coding devices used for video-coding of the mail pieces information.Different coding strategies were used according to the specifics of the mail that was to be processed. Standard and non-standard Mail Transport Units (MTU) were used for loading of mail pieces that were to be sorted. All of the hubs were connected in a network. The information needed for sorting process control was loaded from remote control centres. The statistical information for the functioning of the system and the components was provided to the national data processing system (GAS). Our team took part in the development of the following subsystems:

  • Statistics.
  • Product ManagementSystem Controller (Operator Request, Recorded Data Storage Server)

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