SERVICES / IT Consulting

Bioteam Software provides a wide variety of technology consulting services that enable our customers to achieve their critical business goals. We provide you with realistic, objective and comprehensive strategic and tactical recommendations and plans that detail specific courses of action you should take to achieve your objectives. Whether you need to improve your productivity, effectively manage your infrastructure, reduce your costs, or increase the quality of your services, we can help.

Our IT Consulting team combines strategic thinking with comprehensive IT knowledge to deliver the optimal solution for your specific business needs.

Bioteam Software IT Consulting Services focus on the following areas:

Enterprise Software Architecture and Solutions

We assist clients to select the fundamental software architectures for their enterprises, to make correct technology choices, that enable them to continuously adapt to future changes.
The consulting process can include:

  • System Assessment and Technology Strategy
  • Project Management and Engineering
  • Software Application Selection and Integration
  • Architecture Planning and Design
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • IT Support Strategy
  • Disaster Recovery Planning

IT Infrastructure Consulting

We assist with the design, selection and implementation the IT infrastructure that guarantees required performance, security, availability, and scalability.
The consulting process can include:

  • High Level Design, Prototyping and Implementation
  • Server Architecture and Clustering Service
  • Selection of Hardware and Software Server Platforms, DBMS Servers, and Remote Communication Platforms
  • Messaging Strategies
  • Security Consulting

Network and Communication Architecture

We assist clients to evaluate and select optimal network architectures for their enterprise.
The consulting process can include:

  • Communication Needs Assessment, System Design, and Prototyping
  • Internet Connectivity and IP VPN Services
  • Communication Solutions for Mobile and Remote Workforce
  • Messaging Strategies
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