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Strong from one-decade international software development, we have modeled a unique capability to continuously interact with the development teams at the client's site. Every team has a unique chemistry. That is why we recognize that skill alone is not enough and that synergy and comradery form the backbone of creative and innovative solutions. Our unique approach makes us more than just an offshore development shop.

Bioteam Software offers full development life cycle from feasibility studies to post-implementation services.

Analysis and Requirements Engineering
Work on new or existing software systems requires knowledge of your business environment and business workflow in order to provide the best solution. Bioteam Software professionals collaborate with you to thoroughly define the precise system requirements necessary for business processes optimization.

Detailed Design
A proper design is critical to the success of any project. Upon completion of the analysis and review phase, design begins. A proper design and scalable and flexible architecture are essential to deliver a cost-effective solution. A system's design details how the system is to be built and with what tools and components. Bioteam Softwareregards the design phase as an opportunity to maximize the results of the development effort.

The standard development process involves prototyping, coding, unit and build testing. Our development process takes on an iterative approach using the spiral methodology thus allowing us to ensure reliability of the developed system.

System Testing
As you become more and more reliant on issues of reliability, scalability, and performance, software testing becomes increasingly critical to business success. Before the final system is delivered to you, it goes through iterations of testing according to international quality management system requirements.

Deployment and Integration
After the system is released, it is deployed on the operational environment and integrated with existing business applications. The customer is provided with the necessary end-user training, documentation, technical support and maintenance.

Bioteam Software has the wide-ranging technology expertise and offers its development services over a broad spectrum of technology areas.
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