SERVICES / Quality System

Our Quality Policy

Bioteam Software is targeted to provide high-quality software products and services, which fully satisfy our customers’ expectations and exceed them. We commit to be extremely exacting to ourselves on production and services quality issues.

Our Quality Management System shall conform to the internationally recognized quality standards, and the maintenance of the Quality Management System is every employee’s responsibility.

We declare that the Quality Management System is not just a short-term campaign, it is a long-term and free-will commitment for our clients and ourselves.

Quality it’s not just a goal for us - it’s a fundamental strategy of further development and business success. Bioteam Software implemented an efficient quality system and was between the first Bulgarian software companies certified for ISO 9001 compliance by an international certification body. (ISO 9001:2000 sertificate)

Bioteams’s strategic quality related goals are:

  • To improve and optimize our quality system to meet CMM level 4 requirements
  • To continuously control and improve the production process
  • To increase efficiency in operations and communication with our customers
  • To permanently involve our personnel in the quality assurance process and to continue to improve our favorable working environment

Delivery Management

The company’s main motivation is to provide clients with high quality software and services that conform to contractual requirements, schedules and client’s expectations.

Mature processes and methodologies shall assure our customers in high quality end-products. In Bioteam Software we are strongly oriented on iterative design and development and rapid integration. For each type of project and for each project phase we maintain well-defined quality standards and practices.

Bioteam Software project teams include experienced business analysts, system architects, developers and quality assurance professionals. We run independent software testing lab to assure final software quality. Final responsible person for project deliverables is the Project Manager.

Our Quality Management System

In 1999, we achieved the international quality acknowledgement, receiving ISO 9001 certification for both development and support processes, for all types of project, from "DaimlerChrysler Aerospace Daza-Zert". In March 2004 Bioteam Software passed a re-certification of its quality management system to conform with the requirements of new ISO 9001:2000 standard.

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